We have transport companies suitable to the needs and requirements of each and every one of our clients. Door-Door ground transportation services from Canada, the United States and Mexico.


We include in services the Distribution of Merchandise according to your requirements. We have all the necessary resources and infrastructure to develop this important function within the range of logistics services.


In the logistics functions that we carry out, we offer our services of consolidation and forwarding of your merchandise, allowing our users to direct their efforts to other tasks.

Preparation of Goods and Documents

Carrying out a physical examination of your merchandise, with a concept of high professionalism, allows us to prepare the documents that will be necessary to present when carrying out the customs procedure, complying with all legal requirements, always seeking to streamline your operations.

Customs Broker

Our function is to legally comply with all the requirements established by the Mexican Customs Law, with its corresponding regulations, as well as with the comparable requirements and observations of International Legislation.

We are supported by an efficient infrastructure and making use of new technology in communication and computing systems.

International Crossings

The dragging of boxes at the border in one direction or another has always been an aspect of great care due to the coordination work that must be carried out. The power to react promptly to traffic conditions and obtain the best time results is due to the commitment of our people and the advanced communication systems that D&G Forwarding, Inc. has.

Loading and Unloading Maneuvers

We handle your merchandise applying the procedures and making use of the most advanced resources.

Our staff specially trained for these tasks, guarantees the handling and perfect condition of your shipments.